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Oasis: A Spritual Journey through Literature and Artwork

In 2018, a divine message graced my being—God spoke, urging me to pen a book. Although I hadn't yet embraced the title of 'author,' I held the calling close to my heart and embarked on this sacred mission.


As I delved deeper, the gravity of the calling intensified, compelling me to plan and set the wheels in motion meticulously. Ideas cascaded like a torrent, and I felt a profound connection to the spiritual realm as I penned each thought. Each written piece in this dance of creativity was accompanied by a carefully crafted artwork—a symphony of words and colors, a tapestry of meaning. The paint strokes were infused with divine intent, each brushstroke an act of communion with the Holy Spirit.

During this transformative period, I underwent a profound journey, pouring my experiences onto the canvas and book pages. Every stroke and word told a story—an odyssey that brought me to where I stand today, a testimony of faith and artistic expression intertwined.


The Oasis Collection

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