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As my brush meets the canvas, a sacred communion unfolds—a dance guided by the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit. A narrative dormant within me begins to awaken in each stroke, like ancient scriptures eager to be unveiled. It's a story waiting to be told, a melody longing to be sung—a revelation that unfurls only when the dance begins.

In the gentle caress of my brush, I feel His presence—the Divine Maestro orchestrating this masterpiece. Although crafted by my hand, this work bears His signature, for everything is His divine creation. It's an ethereal connection, a collaboration between the Creator and this humble vessel, transcending the realms of artistry. This work has touched my soul, leaving an indelible mark, yet I relinquish ownership, acknowledging that all beauty and inspiration belong to the divine, to Jesus—the true Artist of life's magnificent tapestry.

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