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Joshua Ashley - Spiritual Artist 

Joshua Ashley is a multi-talented individual whose life revolves around art, writing, and creative leadership, all guided by a deep connection to his faith. As a visionary artist, writer, and creative director, Joshua passionately leads a thriving community of kindred spirits who share his devotion to the heart of God.

At the core of his creative journey stands JA Visuals, a platform he founded where he wholeheartedly immerses himself in a diverse array of artistic expressions. From the intricate strokes of fine art to the captivating lens of photography, the captivating designs of graphic art, and the captivating narratives of videography, Joshua's artistic pursuits know no bounds.

However, his passion extends beyond aesthetics; it intertwines with his concern for mental health, fueling a profound desire to illuminate lives with the light of Christ. Through his creative endeavors, Joshua strives to infuse the world with hope and positivity, using his talents to reflect his spiritual values. In a transformative move in 2022, Joshua initiated the establishment of 'Be Kind Creative,' a non-profit organization meticulously crafted to cater to fellow creatives and entrepreneurs who share his artistic vision.

Through this noble venture, he endeavors to foster unity within the creative community, providing invaluable resources and opportunities that empower individuals to create and make a lasting impact on the world around them.

Join Joshua on his continued voyage of creativity and spiritual exploration, a journey he eloquently refers to as his passage to the 'Oasis.' He crafts art that resonates with hearts and minds and seeks to create a sanctuary of inspiration, understanding, and collaboration. Through every stroke of his brush, every word he pens, and every endeavor he undertakes, Joshua Ashley is a true beacon of artistry, faith, and the relentless pursuit of a brighter, more connected world.



University of North Texas | Fine Art


University of Houston | Digital Media 



Photography Red Fest 1st Place Winner 




The Oasis Experience 



Be Kind Creative

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